Myths about Link Quality and No Hands SEO

This is not meant to be a ranting post or a slant on any individual but recently there have been a lot of people claiming things about No Hands SEO that just aren’t true. Some of the type of things I am talking about are:

The below are myths and are not true, read below to find out why

  1. No Hands SEO can only do blog commenting
  2. All links made by No Hands SEO are low quality
  3. No Hands SEO will get you penalised by search engines

While these types of comments are often said about everything and anything SEO related the rate at which these myths/lies are perpetrated about NHSEO is more than your average tool and I never could quite understand why this is. Obviously as the creator of No Hands SEO I am by no means an unbiased source but as anyone that is aware of my history as an SEO and software developer they will know that I have always strived to provide a great and effective tool, I have created free tools and supported them for years without ever sending out promotional emails or trying to monetize it, purely to give back to the Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing community.

Because of my position as the developer of NHSEO the burden of proof in conversations where people state these falsehoods has always fallen on my shoulders, where the “accuser” (couldn’t think of a better term, it is not meant as a put down) would state his/her opinion I would have to spend my time, sometimes an hour or more, showing the type of links that are very possible/easy to generate with NHSEO and the types of rankings / traffic improvements that can be had simply by clicking the Go button. Obviously this is a terrible use of my time as it is time that could just as easily be spent improving my software and providing a great value for my customers.

This is what my aim is with this post, so that in future if I see someone posting falsehoods about my software I can just point them here and get on with my work rather than having to reiterate the same points to disprove their impressions of NHSEO again and again.

Myth / Falsehood / Lie 1) No Hands SEO can only do blog commenting

While the main focus of No Hands SEO early on in its life (2011) was indeed blog commenting it never was a simple blog comment poster and never was intended to just post blog comments. It always has had the capability to crawl your website to find inner pages to promote, get a website indexed within a day (most often just hours), automatically search, post, and check backlink targets as blog comments and trackbacks, ping new backlinks and many other things that no other tool could do on auto pilot. No Hands SEO at the time truly was a 1 of a kind type of software with nothing else being even similar, NHSEO really is the original fully automated backlinking tool and still is the most automated and easiest tool of its kind to use.

Now as I said originally the main focus of its backlinking was from blog comments and trackbacks because at the time these were incredibly effective at generating search engine ranking improvements, since then there have been many different platforms and link types added to the arsenal of No Hands SEO allowing its users to leverage links from not just Blog Comments, Trackbacks and Indexing sites but also Forums and Image Galleries.

I do not quite understand why so many are hard on blog comments these days as backlinks from blogs can be a very effective tool for improving rankings and traffic to your website, many people are still using them daily and there are too many services offering these types of links for them to be ineffective. The main issue is more in how they are used, I will cover correct link building technique for best effect soon, using tons of variation in your anchor texts and using your own custom niche relevant comments is one way to ensure you are improving your rankings not harming them. This, and other, rules should be adhered to regardless of method of backlink generation, variation is the lifeblood of ranking improvements and if you vary everything as much as possible you will never get hit by a penalty or be left out in the cold when Google switches up their algorithm.

Myth / Falsehood / Lie 2) All links made by No Hands SEO are low quality

This is one of the more egregious things said about No Hands SEO and really says more about the person saying it than it does about NHSEO. The fact that NHSEO can target 45 different link platforms (currently, will be increasing regularly) should be enough to prove that there is an incredible range of the type and quality of links that NHSEO is capable of making. With this range of quality will obviously come some 0PR pages with lots of outbound links but also there will often come links with high PR (I

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