No Hands SEO v2.0.11.0 Update

No Hands SEO v2.0.11.0 is now available from the members area or via updating from within No Hands SEO.

The update notes for v2.0.11.0 are below:

  • Added: 3000+ New highly spun comments system (full explanation coming in its own blog post)
  • Added: Number of Threads indicator added to StatusStrip
  • Added: Total number of Links indicator added to StatusStrip
  • Added: Number of proxies in use indicator added to StatusStrip
  • Added: CPU use indicator added to StatusStrip
  • Added: Memory use indicator added to StatusStrip
  • Added: Number of active platforms indicator added to StatusStrip
  • Added: Minimum PR for captcha solving
  • Added: Maximum OBL for captcha solving
  • Added: Connection Timeout option
  • Added: Read Write Timeout option
  • Improved: Comment handling improved
  • Improved: Memory usage lowered
  • Improved: Comments file of around 70 highly spun comments is now only used as backup
  • Improved: PR checking
  • Improved: OBL checking
  • Improved: Posting code
  • Improved: Tidied up some of the ToolTips (pop-up help info)

I will be posting another blog post later on today to outline some of the changes to the inbuilt comments system. The numbers for the new comments are correct, going from around 70 to over 3000, and should result in less of a trace between users profiles and others users profiles.

Expect more updates like this through this week.

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  1. Hackersmovie says:

    AWESOME! Keep up the good work Jimbobo, I like NHSEO and the direction it’s taking more and more everyday! Now, if I could just get these stupid VPS’s sorted I’d be set! 😉 LOL! Can’t wait to read about the comment system!

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