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Transfer your profiles and settings to another machine

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Transfer your profiles and settings to another machine

Postby jimbobo2779 » Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:31 am

This is actually quite a simple process as all profiles and settings are saved in the central database file for NHSEO and this is all that needs copying to your new machine.

I have written a short step by step on how to accomplish this below:
1) In your software go to the Help menu and click on the "Detach License from Machine"
2) Install NHSEO on your new machine
3) On your original machine go into your "My Documents" folder
4) You should see a "No Hands SEO" folder, go in here
5) In this folder you should see a DATABASE.db3 file, you will want to copy this to a disk or memory stick etc
6) Go back to the new machine and go to the "My Documents" folder and then to the "No Hands SEO" folder
7) Copy the DATABASE.db3 file from your old machine into this folder on your new machine and overwrite the one that is already there.

Do not delete the original file on your original computer until you have checked on your new machine that your profiles have been copied over correctly.

CAUTION when doing this make sure that you are copying your original DATABASE.db3 file FROM your original machine to your new machine and not the other way around otherwise you could lose everything.

For other No Hands software the folders are below:
No Hands Proxies - "My Documents\No Hands Proxies"
No Hands Indexer - "My Documents\No Hands Indexer"
No Hands Pinger - "My Documents\No Hands Pinger"
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