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How to Setup No Hands Indexer with No Hands SEO

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How to Setup No Hands Indexer with No Hands SEO

Postby jimbobo2779 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:58 pm

If you are looking to get No Hands Indexer setup to automatically index your newly created backlinks from No Hands SEO it really incredibly easy to do and will take just a minute, just follow the steps below and you will enjoy quickly indexed backlinks automatically:

1) Goto the Settings tab

2) Goto the Indexing tab

3) Check the option labelled "Send Confirmed Links to No Hands Indexer

4) Save the Settings

5) Load up No Hands Indexer and press the start button.

6) You are all done, if you wish you can click the "Test No Hands Indexer" button to check everything is working.

From now on whenever a new link is created it will be automatically sent from NHSEO to NHI. To have the links indexed you will need No Hands Indexer running, however if No Hands Indexer isn't running and new links are created they will simply be added to a queue that will be added to Indexer when it is next loaded.
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