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Search Engine Harvesting

Have a feature you feel would improve the best proxy harvesting tool around? Request it here.

Search Engine Harvesting

Postby xCoder » Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:26 am

Well i am user of no hands seo since it is in market and i am glad to be a part of one of the best SEO tools community and by submitting features request i am just trying to give idea's to make these tools better and to be for everyone so here i am with another request and if it will be added to no hands proxies then i can assure you this proxy tool is going to get thousands of sales also because this is rare feature which dosn't comes with all tools just without one available in market i know (i cannot use that tool name as it will be against rules) so add a search engine harvester this is how it will work as i have a lot of experience with proxy tools
First No hands proxies will scrape proxies from build-in sites database or user customized URL list then it will test those proxies scraped from URLs and while testing it will pick an elite google passed proxy add it to itself and start searching multiple search engines (Google - BIng - Yahoo) for more URLs / Proxies and add those URLs to no hands proxies database automatically and scrape them also and this method will goes on and on until we stop it and it will get us even 80% more proxies then it is grabbing now for us. I am 1000000% sure this option will be loved in market as i have seen people required this also and it will attract them because this tool will became an endless proxies machine. I hope you can understand what i am talking about maybe it will take some time to get developed but don't ignore this idea i am sure you will agree with me some how because we want NO HANDS products to be best in market. or atleast if someone is using any other backlinking tool they will think about this proxy tool to get it as it will save their money and they will use this with all their SEO tools it can become a need of every SEO tools user.

Thank you once again for not ignoring my previous requests and good luck with future of all NO HANDS products
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Re: Search Engine Harvesting

Postby jimbobo2779 » Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:45 pm

This has been a feature since day 1
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