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Example links from No Hands SEO

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Example links from No Hands SEO

Postby jimbobo2779 » Wed Oct 30, 2013 12:07 pm

Recently on a forum it was requested that I show some example links that were generated by No Hands SEO. Usually this sort of request wouldn't be granted so quickly and publically but I recently had a sales thread closed on a forum that I had been selling on for a number of years and I had a test profile that I had been using to promote this thread. As the forum post is no longer online the links no longer have any SEO benefit to me so I decided to post the results of that profile in here.

The links quality break down as output by No Hands SEO can be seen below:
10/30/2013 4:26 AM | Found 3565 new confirmed links
10/30/2013 4:26 AM | Domain PageRank Breakdown:
PR0: 2213
PR1: 486
PR2: 393
PR3: 265
PR4: 143
PR5: 49
PR6: 14
PR7: 2
PR8: 0
PR9: 0
PR10: 0
10/30/2013 4:26 AM | Outbound Link Breakdown:
0 - 10: 52
11 - 25: 64
26 - 50: 35
51 - 100: 60
101 - 250: 149
250+: 3205
10/30/2013 4:26 AM | Dofollow Rate: 544\3565

This shows that links were posted on domains up to PR7 and that 38% of links were posted to domains with at least PR1 or higher. It also shows that without using the mainly dofollow guestbook platforms (guestbooks have a predominantly dofollow backlink type as opposed to other platforms which are not) I was still able to generate about 15% dofollow links.

I output a selection of these links in a csv file so you guys can see the type of links that can be had from No Hands SEO. If I had set link quality to have a max OBL or min PR obviously all of the links would have been PR1+ and/or low OBL but this was mainly a test profile so no limits were used.

CSV of example links (Right-click => Save Target As => Open in Excel or similar spread sheet software)

I am very open to questions regarding these links so if you have any feel free to ask them here, it is very uncommon that people will post lists of links like these but I feel it is important to show the types of links that No Hands SEO is capable of producing.

It is very important to note that the outbound link figures and PR was correct when this file was posted (30 Oct 2013) but are liable to change once this file is posted. When links like these are posted publically they tend to get abused and the number of outbound links will increase rapidly and the PR may be dropped. Usually webmasters and SEOs will not post these type of links publically for this very reason, if you check the values in the CSV you will clearly see that the link examples show PR, dofollow and low OBL links, these figures were absolutely accurate when posted, if you are reading this weeks or months after it is posted these values will likely be wildly different.
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Re: Example links from No Hands SEO

Postby fibercarbon » Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:09 pm

is there really much added benefit from using a spinner api service? I have been debating off and on if I should or not.. :?: what is your favorite? Also why does nohandsseo not use email address verification?
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Re: Example links from No Hands SEO

Postby jimbobo2779 » Mon Mar 17, 2014 9:51 am

spinners only help for when generating the content for your profiles so if you are happy writing it out manually then you won't have a need for it or if you use the built in comments they aren't necessary. But if you are writing lots of content for your profiles then they become a necessity.

Email verification is coming in a future update. There are a lot of changes coming soon (RSS submissions are just the beginning).
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Re: Example links from No Hands SEO

Postby Shenpen » Sat Aug 30, 2014 11:05 pm


A couple of days work. "Work" used here en a very lose sense as no hands were involved.... :lol:
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