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Decaptcher - Captcha Solving

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Decaptcher - Captcha Solving

Postby jimbobo2779 » Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:16 pm

What is Decaptcher?
DeCaptcher is one of the original pay per use captcha solving services.

The benefit of pay per use captcha solvers over software that you pay for once regardless of how many captchas you solve with it is accuracy, pay per captcha solve services will generally give much more accurate captcha solves than a software ever could so even solving recaptchas is possible. The obvious caveat of all of this is the added cost involved in using these over software solvers such as captcha sniper

Why would I use Decaptcher?
Using Decaptcher allows you to submit comments to blogs that have a captcha system to prevent automated comments, these blogs tend to be quicker to approve a comment and this can actually drastically increase the amount of links you can generate that go to the moderation queue. If you already use custom comments that are relevant to your niche and good proxies you will likely benefit a lot from using an automated captcha solving service.

How Do I Setup a Captcha Solver?
As with everything with No Hands SEO setting up your chosen captcha service is very simple and requires just a few easy steps:
1) Go to the Settings tab
2) Select Decaptcher from the Captcha Service drop down menu
3) Fill in the User input with your captcha service username
4) Enter your captcha service password into the Password input
5) Click the Save button
6) You can now test your settings by clicking the Test Decaptcher button to ensure everything is setup correctly
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