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The Best Spinner

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The Best Spinner

Postby jimbobo2779 » Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:45 pm

What is The Best Spinner?
The Best Spinner is a rewriting tool like Spinner Chief and Spin Chimp which allows you to quickly and easily turn a single piece of text into a piece of text that is highly spinnable, this means you get lots of variation while still keeping your relevancy without any extra effort.

The Best Spinner is probably the easiest of the three spinning options but as such does not give as many options to those who enjoy tinkering to get the most from their services. The Best Spinner also requires a subscription of $77 per year to use.

How to Integrate The Best Spinner with No Hands SEO
There are just a few involved with setting up The Best Spinner but most of these are not necessary to change to simply get it working with No Hands SEO, simply follow the steps below:
1) In NHSEO go to the Settings => Spinners tab
2) Check the "Use The Best Spinner?" checkbox
3) Fill in your The Best Spinner Email and Password in their respective input boxes
4) Change any The Best Spinner specific settings you want to change
5) Click the "Save" button in the "Save Settings" panel

How to use The Best Spinner with No Hands SEO
In any input that is spinnable simply right-click and select the "Auto Spin" option, this will send the article to The Best Spinner for re-writing. You can also use it directly in the built in NHSEO Text Rewriter which is also available from the right-click menu of any input that accepts spinning.
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