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Postby jimbobo2779 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:54 pm

What is BacklinksIndexer? - website
BacklinksIndexeris a service to help get your links indexed. Whenever No Hands SEO generates and confirms a link it will send it to BacklinksIndexer automatically.

BacklinksIndexer will take your new links and take a combination of their content and trending keywords to create lots of backlinks to your new links. These new backlinks to your backlinking pages will greatly help your linking pages not only get indexed quicker but they should pass on more ranking weight as well.

How do I setup BacklinksIndexer?
Setting up BacklinksIndexer is a one time thing and very simple, simply follow the instructions below:
1) Login to BacklinksIndexer members area
2) Click on the "API Key" link in the navigation bar on the right of the page
3) Copy the "Your API KEY:"
4) Go into No Hands SEO
5) Go to the Settings => Indexing tab
6) Paste the BacklinksIndexer API Key to the "API Key" input box in the "BacklinksIndexer Settings" panel
7) Check the "Send Confirmed Links to BacklinksIndexer" checkbox
8) Click the "Save" button in the "Save Settings" panel to save the settings.
9) Click the "Test BacklinksIndexer" button to check everything comes back ok and you are done.

With Lindexed setup NHSEO will automatically send every generated confirmed link to Lindexed to get indexed in the search engines much quicker.
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Re: BacklinksIndexer

Postby watchman220 » Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:27 am

After following these basic instructions I am getting a Failed BacklinksIndexer Test: BacklinksINdexer did not return the expected result, please forward this message on to support if you are sure everyting is setup correctly.

I closed out of NHSEO and tried it again and it still failed.
My API key is certainly set up.
Is there a certain amount of time that it might take after I just set up the Backlinks Indexer account?
Everything looks good on the members page of Backlinks Indexer.

I did determine that I had an extra space at the end of my API Key and I removed luck...same message.
I also restarted NHSEO again and resaved (double checking no spaces) still not working...same error message.

Any suggestions?
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Re: BacklinksIndexer UPDATE.

Postby watchman220 » Sat Sep 01, 2012 5:52 pm

This is an UPDATE from my last post.

In short Backlinks Indexer is working now.

I checked Backlinks Indexer to see the processed URL's this morning, automatic entries send from NoHands SEO.
I also went in to NHSEO -> Settings -> Indexing -> and pressed the "Test BacklinksIndexer" button again and got a positive message.

"BacklinksIndexer is now working with No Hands SEO. Please do not send more test requests as they may fail due to the test page still pending."

I am not sure how long it is supposed to take before you can successfully test your BacklinksIndexer account / api key with NHSEO but it did not work in the first 30 minutes.

It should be noted as well that you can submit your own backlinks list in the form of a file or simply pasting your list into the Backlinks Indexer window.
Backlinks Indexer is already processing my manual submission list of 70+ URL's plus the list sent by NHSEO.

Hope this information helps someone.


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Re: BacklinksIndexer

Postby jimbobo2779 » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:18 am

I was about to reply that I checked on it and there are no issues with Backlinks Indexer and NHSEO. To anyone that may have a problem getting it to work you could try typing in your API key manually as sometimes copying and pasting may be the issue. I am not saying that copy/pasting won't ever work but it could have been the issue here.
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