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How to speed up old databases

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How to speed up old databases

Postby jimbobo2779 » Sat Jun 01, 2013 3:28 pm

Often if you have been running NHSEO for many months you may notice (generally when not using an SSD) that it can take longer between searches. This is because No Hands SEO is using an SQLite database that stores all posting information from the past and when it searches will check your new targets against these old posts to ensure you are not re-posting to the same domains over and over.

While this checking is great for really lowering the chance of getting spam complaints it can slow the posting process down over time as the database grows, luckily there is a way to remove a lot of the chaff from your database, best of all this is really easy. Just follow the steps below to remove unnecessary information from your database and speed up overall running of No Hands SEO:
1) Go to your Settings=>More tab
2) Click the "Database Maintenance" button
3) Be very patient, depending on the size of your database and speed of your computer this can take a very long amount of time.
4) Eventually in the Log you will see an entry which says "Database Maintenance has finished"

That is all that is needed to breathe some life into older databases. I did say it was really easy.
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