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Virus Scanner False Positives and Warnings

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Virus Scanner False Positives and Warnings

Postby jimbobo2779 » Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:52 pm

Very often I get support requests from people informing me that their AV scanner is flagging NHSEO as a virus and that when running they get lots of warnings about the pages that are being loaded so I thought I would address the two situations here to save me repeating myself.

Virus Scan False Positives
No Anti-Virus scanner is perfect and as such occasionally a virus will slip through the net and/or false positives will occur, this is very well known phenomenon and happens with almost all scanners.

A false positive is when a legitimate file is flagged as being suspicious due to it having the same file size/structure or contains some "signature" that is seen in a known virus or some other malware.

No Hands SEO does not have a virus in it, is not a virus and does not do anything to compromise security by downloading viruses ever. If your AV scanner claims NHSEO is a virus or contains a virus and you are using a copy of NHSEO that was downloaded directly from it is definitely not a virus and does not contain a virus.

Virus/Malware Warnings from websites whilst running and what they mean
These warnings occur when a computer visits a suspicious or dangerous website and the AV scanner blocks access to save the user from the danger of getting some form of malware. These suspicious websites will abuse holes in the security of a web browser to infect a computer.

These warnings are redundant when NHSEO is accessing these websites as no code is ever downloaded or executed from these websites. No form of malware can be contracted by downloading the source code of any website, only when the malicious code on that website is executed.

Though these warnings are not outrightly an issue they can cause NHSEO to run slower, use more bandwidth and be rather annoying for the user. As every webpage visited by NHSEO is checked against a database of known bad neighbourhoods and as such really increase the amount of bandwidth used, cause each post to take almost twice as long as well as using up much more CPU time while it is at it.

Hopefully that has gone some way to assure that NHSEO is totally safe and will never compromise the security on your computer.
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