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Dedicated Linkwheel option?

Most features in No Hands SEO have been added at the request of users so if you have a suggestion please post in here.

Dedicated Linkwheel option?

Postby hayfj » Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:05 pm

Ability to create a link wheel using squidoo, wordpress, typepad, blogger etc

i.e. Instructions and a checklist step-by-step

then ability to load in urls(profiles) of each spoke in the link wheel

and to start getting backlinks for each

It pretty much there if one knew what one was doing, I suppose

but a dedicated page for how to do it and store the urls of each spoke and count links on each
i think we would be dandy ;)
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Re: Dedicated Linkwheel option?

Postby gz123 » Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:15 am

I'm not Jim but i'll answer anyway. :)

A problem with creating linkwheels using specific services or sites such as Squidoo is that they quite often change the way accounts is created. Just enough to break software such as SEN*X* and that's why SEN*X* needs to be updated..... all..... the.... time.

In short:
If Jim added sites that needed signups all his time would, in an instant, become all about updating NHS to cater for changes for those sites and NHS.

It's much smarter to create functions that create links that work for multiple sites (such as WP-powered blogs). That way one can get many links without catering to individual sites. It's sort of what NHS and other tools like SB do.

However he probably could do link schemes, not just with a lot of Web 2.0 properties:
Link 3 > Link 2 > PAGE-WITH-URL-TO-MONEYSITE (previously posted by NHS)

I've written more about this here:

If you still have the need to create properties and post articles etc i would recommend signing up to some VPS that offers SEN*X* such as bhvps.
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