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NHSEO with Public Proxy, Private/Dedicated Proxy & No Proxy

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NHSEO with Public Proxy, Private/Dedicated Proxy & No Proxy

Postby powerbuilder » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:12 pm


I would like to use this thread topic as opportunity to get some tips from other NHSEO who has more experienced with NHSEO in terms of using Proxies related.

What is your opinion in term of performance (succesfull and failed submission + speed ) cases when running NHSEO with:
1. NHSEO set with Public Proxies
Public proxies here I will refer to proxies which we can harvest by using a proxy harvester such as Proxy Multiply.

2. NHSEO set with Private/Dedicated Proxies.
This is the proxies which we have to pay and will authenticate us to use them.

3. NHSEO without proxy
Well, I think this would be the best to use...however is it safe to use ?

Please anyone, included Jim to give your thought.

I think whether it 's me or every members here will get benefit about this topic.

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