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Profile Handler

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Profile Handler

Postby TheEditor » Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:56 pm

All of these pertain to the Profile Handler screen. I'm on an XP box.

1) When I select a Profile to edit, if I don't hit the Edit Profile button within about 3-4 seconds the profile disappears from the combo box.

2) Importing comments with "special" characters is sometimes unreliable. I don't think an apostrophe is all that special but after importing some apostrophes are replaced by a character I don't recognize. And I think its affecting the ability to execute a proper spin. I have to go over the imported comments manually to make sure everything is ok.

3) Some components on this screen don't reposition properly if I resize the form. This is also an issue on the Settings tab where blog targets are imported.
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Re: Profile Handler

Postby jimbobo2779 » Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:34 am

1) This should only happen when posting or if you have just saved the edit of a profile, I'm not too sure what can be done about this due to the way everything is saved and updated but I'll look into it at some point.
2) I haven't seen this myself but I'll take a look into it. I just checked and I don't see anything like this, if you could give an example comment (PM or email it if you don't want it public) I'll see what is happening.
3) This has been fixed ready for the next update.
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