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3) a. App Settings

Full user manual and software documentation for using No Hands Proxies.

3) a. App Settings

Postby jimbobo2779 » Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:47 pm

This area is for setting general application settings such as how many connections to use, connection timeouts and some limits.

Proxy Limits
This set of controls is for limiting the amount of proxies that No Hands Proxies will harvest or check. Personally I can't think of many situations where you won't want to leave it running to find as many proxies as possible but the controls are here if you are wanting to use them.

Limit Harvested Proxies?: If checked this will prevent any further harvesting of proxies when the list of proxies reaches the figure set in the "Harvested Proxy Limit" option NHP will not perform any further harvesting jobs.
Harvested Proxy Limit: This is the limit at which point NHP will stop harvesting more proxies. It is likely that the number of awaiting proxies will go above this figure due to harvesting jobs that have already started when the limit is hit.
Limit Working Proxies?: If checked this will prevent awaiting proxies from being checked once this amount of working proxies has been found based on the amount set in the "Working Proxy Limit"
Working Proxy Limit: This is the limit you want to set for working proxies. Once this limit has been reached no more proxy checking jobs will be started, if other proxy checking jobs have already been started the amount of working proxies could get higher than this figure.
Retest Working Proxies: This is the delay between checking working proxies. If a working proxy was checked an hour ago and the value here is set to 60 then it will be checked again.
Save Working Proxies on Exit?: Check this option if you want to save all working proxies when NHP is closed. NHP must be closed in the regular way (not force closed by restarting / shutting down or via task manager) for this to work.

Connection Settings
These controls will change how NHP acts when harvesting proxies, these are really quite advanced controls so if you are not absolutely sure what each of them does it may be wise to leave them set as default.

Worker Threads: This is how many proxies can be checked simultaneously. This should not be set too high for your internet connection as it could result in more proxies being reported as not working when they potentially are working.
Test For Max Thread Settings: This will load a new window that will test the upper maximum for number of threads that your connection can handle. It is advised to use a value much lower than the figure given here to make sure everything continues working as expected even when your connection slows down.
Connection Timeout (ms): This is the maximum amount of time any web request is given to respond (this includes proxy checking), it is in milliseconds
Read / Write Timeout (ms): This is the maximum amount of time in milliseconds that any web request is given to complete after it has responded, including proxy checking jobs.
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