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2) Profiles Tab

Not sure on what a control does or what input it requires? This section should answer any questions you may have about a particular control or set of controls.

2) Profiles Tab

Postby jimbobo2779 » Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:20 pm

The Profile List is simply a display of all of the profiles that have been added into No Hands SEO and some basic information about those profiles. Below is an explanation of the different columns in this list:
[list]ID: This is the ID of the profile in the database, it is never (very rarely) needed or used by the user.
Address: This is the main address of the profile. If the profile is for a website it should be the homepage, if it is a webpage it will be the address of that webpage and if the profile is a multiple page profile it will be th eaddress of the first page that is entered for that profile.
Profile Type: This is whether the profile is entered as a website or if it is a page profile. A page profile can consist of a single page or many pages. A website profile is crawled for inner pages, a page is not.
Status: Whether the profile is active or inactive, if a profile is inactive it will not have any promotion activities when the tool is posting.
Verified Links: Total number of links that have been created for this profile.
Posted: Total number of successful posts for this profile. A successful post does not signify a live link has been created but could potentially lead to a link in the future, though most will not.
Pages: How many pages to be promoted are contained in a profile.
Keyword Progress: How many keyword have been searched. Number will be in the format X/Y where X is how many keywords have been searched and Y is how many keywords that are currently in that profile.
Whois Progress: Progress of the whois posting process. This is shown in the format X/Y where X is how many whois posts have bene made and Y is how many whois pages can be posted in total.
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