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1) Main Controls

Not sure on what a control does or what input it requires? This section should answer any questions you may have about a particular control or set of controls.

1) Main Controls

Postby jimbobo2779 » Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:20 pm

In No Hands SEO there is a main tool bar at the top of the window which contains a group of controls that are always persistent.

Most of these contols are simply tabs that pull up more options, the following are tabs that change the on screen controls:

Each of the controls, options and settings contained in these tabs are explained in further detail in the respective pages of each of these tabs.

Image Image
The green arrow button will start the posting process when it is clicked. When posting is starting, stopping or running the button will be greyed out to show that it is no longer clickable.

Image Image
The red square button will stop the posting process and like the green arrow start button it will be greyed out when it is not available, the difference being that it is not available when stopping, starting and when it is already stopped.

All posting progress is saved as No Hands SEO is running and as such if you stop and close the app next time it starts it will load its progress and start from where it left off before, there is no need to save the state of posting or anything like this as it is all handled for you automatically.

The update button will not always be available, in fact it only becomes visible when there is a new version to download. Clicking the update button will bring up a prompt notifying you that it is about to start downloading the update and that No Hands SEO will become unusable in that time. On an average 8Mb connection the download will take around 10 seconds so it shouldn't be unusable for long.

Once the update has been fully downloaded NHSEO will automatically close and load the installer/updater and lead you through the update process.

Clicking on the Help button will bring up a collection of self explanatory options that should help to use or explain different aspects of No Hands SEO

Along the bottom of the NHSEO window there is a group of indicators which show some information regarding the setup of NHSEO as well as some system resource usage data.
    Links: This is how many links have been generated this session, this is not how many posts have been attempted or were successful it is the actual amount of live links that were created since NHSEO was loaded. This will always show 0 when it is loaded and will only increase when a new live link is created during the posting process.
    Thread: This indicator shows how many threads are running. It actually shows 2 figures separated by the | character, the first number is the amount of posting threads that are active and the second number is the number of searching threads available.
    Proxy: This shows the number of proxies that are entered in NHSEO. Like the Thread indicator it actually shows more than one value separated by the | character. The first number is how many proxies in the private proxy list, the second (middle) number shows how many proxies are in the public proxy list and the third number is how many proxies have been harvested with the built in proxy harvester
    CPU: This is the overall system CPU usage from NHSEO and its associated processes
    Mem: This is the overall system Memory usage from NHSEO and its associated processes.
    Plat: This is how many platforms are actively being searched
    Removed.... This text could actually say a large number of different things but is basically a quick explanation of what NHSEO is doing at any one time. It is not meant as a running log of what is happening but is more a vague notice of the current state of the tool. For more in depth information refer to the Log
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