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How to send your database to support

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:14 pm
by jimbobo2779
There are a number of reasons that you may need to send your database to support for at some point. If you need to do so just follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to where your database file is located (for most users this is "My Documents\No Hands SEO")
2) Zip (or compress with preferred file compression software) the DATABASE.db3 file to reduce its overall size.
3) Upload file to free file host such as
4) Send link to the database file to support email address or PM to me with description of your issue

The main thing with sending your database in is that it allows support to see exactly what setup you have and see first hand how it is affecting how everything is running. If you have any issue it is likely the quickest way to figure out what is going on with your setup.

If you are sending the database for other software (No Hands Proxies, No Hands Indexer etc) then you will need to go to the respective directory for that software:
No Hands Proxies: "My Documents\No Hands Proxies"
No Hands Indexer: "My Documents\No Hands Indexer"
No Hands Pinger: "My Documents\No Hands Pinger"