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NHSEO Isn?t Accepting My Keywords

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NHSEO Isn?t Accepting My Keywords

Postby Charles » Thu Jun 26, 2014 10:45 am

I recently tried to put 954 keywords into a profile
I had put together, but the software didn't show them
in the field.

I've never had this problem before. Now I'm having it
all of a sudden. I tried to enter my keywords from a
text file on my computer, thinking that was the best
way to insert them.

When I didn't see the keywords in the field, I tried
to copy and paste them into the keyword field, but a
dialog box came up saying the field already had
keywords in them, and would I like to add to those
keywords. How could that be? I wasn't seeing any
keywords, yet the software is telling my keywords are

After completing the profile on just one of the pages
I want to promote, I checked to see if my keywords
were present by clicking the edit button. I didn't see any
keywords, but I did see the spin syntax for my content.
Why can't I see my keywords?

The instructions say the field can hold any number of
keywords - even 954 of them. What could I be doing
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Re: NHSEO Isn?t Accepting My Keywords

Postby jimbobo2779 » Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:54 pm

I replied to your email but I figured I may as well post the response here as well:

Windows form textbox?s (that are not multi-line capable ) are only able to display so many characters, after a certain number the textbox just looks blank. This is why your textbox appears empty but actually has all of the keywords you have entered.

You can check this by adding/editing your profile and then checking the list of search keywords in the ?Search Keywords? tab in the Profile Handler. The search keywords will be added, it is just a limitation in what a windows for text box can display on a single line.
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