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Can No Hands SEO be used to promote a squeeze page?

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Can No Hands SEO be used to promote a squeeze page?

Postby Charles » Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:47 pm

Ever since I began using No Hands SEO, Pinger,
Indexer, Proxies and Captcha Sniper, I've been
receiving positive comments daily basis to my

As of this writing, 74 people have commented about
my posts, writing, my blog's theme, wanting to
bookmark my site, telling others about my site, etc.

Unfortunately not every comment is about my
particular blog, so I had to delete those.
I'm only showing 15 of those comments in the
footer of my blog.

Those visiting my site can always click on any
one comment, and read the numerous other comments
people have made that I approved of.

I've also had 5 people sign on to my newsletter
in just a few days, as a result of a light-box
opt-in form pop-up plugin.

Within 5 seconds after someone lands on my blog,
the pop up appears, and literally forces someone
to sign on to my newsletter. Unfortunately, I
haven't seen any sales yet.

I normally don't write testimonials, but I had
to make an exception in this case. I've been so
pleased at what I've seen NHSEO do for my blog,
that I'm soon going to use it to promote my
squeeze page, and my Facebook fan page.

Hopefully it'll increase both my sales and sign
up at both of these sites.

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