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What is good and bad proxy setup?

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What is good and bad proxy setup?

Postby jimbobo2779 » Thu May 23, 2013 10:16 pm

The single biggest issue most people come across in building links with No Hands SEO is bad proxies. Whatever you do don't just find a proxy list online and assume it will work because almost every proxy on that list will be used to death and the vast majority won't even be working let alone usable for searching.

The best proxies will always be private proxies but even when running with private proxies you should be sure to not exceed 1 searching thread per 5-10 proxies so you do not burn out the proxies and get them limited by the search engines. Preferably you would be using the built in checker every few days to remove non working proxies / burnt out proxies from the list. If you do burn out some proxies you can often start using them again a couple of days later so if you do have private proxies it is always good to check your full list of private proxies to ensure you are running with the most proxies possible to limit the chances of getting any of them limited.

If you are running with a dedicated proxy harvesting tool it is a good idea to have it set to automatically harvest and check proxies at an interval no more than 30minutes so you can ensure that the proxies you are using are as fresh as possible and are usable. While proxies harvested via this method are not going to be as reliable as private proxies it is much cheaper and they will help to improve link numbers over having no proxies at all. There is a proxy harvesting tool setup guide in the guides section of this support forum.

At an absolute last resort if you have to use proxies for posting you can use the built in harvester but again this should be a last resort. Often running with no proxies can net better results than using the proxies from the built in proxy harvester so if you are relying on proxies from the built in harvester it may be worth disabling it and trying to run without it enabled. Always remember that if you are going to be running without any proxies for searching that you are best to have both search engines enabled and to only use 1 searching thread.
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