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Searching has been stopped due to the number of ........

PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:58 pm
by jimbobo2779
The full error message is:
Searching has been stopped due to the number of seraching proxies dropping below the minimum amount set.
Searching will start again when the number of searching proxies increases above the minimum amount.

The issue is exactly as the message states, the number of search proxies is not as high as the minimum amount set.

If you went through the setup wizard and chose an inappropriate proxy setup to what you actually have then this will be why. If you are not using proxies at all with NHSEO you should go through the setup wizard again and choose the appropriate proxy setup that you have.

If you have selected a proxy software then you should ensure that it is running and has already output proxies for your purpose before running NHSEO so that it has chance to output some usable proxies, with No Hands Proxies this may be just a few minutes but could be 15 -30 minutes with other proxy harvesting software.

If you are using private proxies ensure that you enter them in in the correct format as laid out in the setup wizard. If your proxies use IP authentication make sure you have your IP setup in your proxy provider's control panel.