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**READ BEFORE POST** How to make a helpful support request

If you are having a problem with No Hands Indexer you can post it here for quick assistance.

**READ BEFORE POST** How to make a helpful support request

Postby jimbobo2779 » Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:22 pm

In order to receive prompt advice about the issue you may be experiencing please post all of the details below:

  • Your version NUMBER
  • What you are doing
  • What you would expect to happen
  • If an error is happening what exactly the error or errors say
  • How often it happens
  • If error is posting related please post a section of your log (edit out your URLs if desired)
  • As much information about anything that could be related to your issue

If all the details above that apply to your problem are in your post it will be a lot easier for us to provide quick and accurate advice to help out or in the event of no simple solution it will be easier to find the root of the problem and apply a fix to a future update.

Far too often people are posting things such as "The posting is really slow" or "I'm not getting any links what is the problem", these are not helpful and I will not be able to answer questions such as these.
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