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No Hands Pinger

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No Hands Pinger

Postby jimbobo2779 » Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:27 am

What is No Hands Pinger?
No Hands Pinger is a free pinging tool that can easily be integrated with No Hands Indexer to easily get all of your created links pinged automatically. Pinging all links created by No Hands Indexer will ensure that the links are noticed more quickly and that the links you are getting indexed will get indexed even quicker.

No Hands Pinger is a stand alone tool that can be used for pinging lists of links either automatically from tools like No Hands SEO or No Hands Indexer and can also take lists of links manually entered to automatically ping them.

How much does No Hands Pinger cost?
Nothing, it is totally free. Simply click on the link above to go to the download page.

What do I need to run No Hands Pinger?
Any windows machine should run it without problems, if you are currently running any other No Hands tools you should have no issue running NHP.

How do I use No Hands Pinger with No Hands Indexer?
This is very easy, just follow the steps below to get up and running:
1) Open No Hands Indexer and go to the Settings tab
2) Check the "Enable No Hands Pinger?" option
3) Hit the "Save" button
4) Open No Hands Pinger
5) Make sure both Indexer and Pinger are running

If you make sure the above is done correctly all links generated by Indexer will be automatically Pinged by NHP.
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