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possible features?

Have a feature you think would improve No Hands Pinger? Let us know about it here and it may get added.

possible features?

Postby hayfj » Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:48 am

Couple of thoughts....

1. Is it possible to Tier results. I.e. create backlinks (tier 1) to a target url, then create backlinks (Tier 2) to Tier 1 links generated - automatically?

2. A URL Extractor? to extract all urls in a specific website, which can then be imported into NHSEO for promoting each individual link/url?

3. Can the pinger/indexer work together without the use of NHSEO ? (Index and ping) ?

4. Is it possible to add different media platforms from which to generate backlinks?

such as document sharing sites, social networks, bookmarking sites etc?

5. An updated manual with "battle plan" and case study results - a step by step implementation guide for a successful campaign?

6. Ability to add/edit the PING list in the NEW pinger? Does it use Google's PubSubHubbub protocol?

Hope that helps.

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Re: possible features?

Postby jimbobo2779 » Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:02 am

For ease of reference I'll answer these in the number format they were posted:
1) Do you mean in NHSEO for this? Doing so for the pinger doesn't really seem to fit. If you are referring to NHSEO this is already on my list of jobs to do, its not right at the top of my priority list but it is one of the more important options in my opinion.
2) I will be adding an "Export profile pages" option in NHSEO for other reasons but you wouldn't want to re-add pages from one profile into another profile as it could create link overlap between the profiles. If I have not understood this question correctly please elaborate.
3) You can use No Hands Indexer and No Hands Pinger completely independent of other tools if you wish, you can simply copy/paste a list of pages to be pinged or indexed directly into either or both of them. I will soon be adding the option in No Hands Indexer to send created backlinks to No Hands Pinger.
4) Is this meant for NHSEO? I will be adding in more platforms very soon but there are some more features that I am wanting to add to the settings side of things to allow for more configurability before I do that.
5) Updated documentation is definitely high up on my priority list but with all of the changes to the UI and re-naming that is currently going on it will be a few weeks before this is even started. I realise at the minute there is a bit of a gap in documentation but if you ever have any questions you can ask myself and there are a few guides in the guides section which outline some of the more common tasks.
6) No it sends XMLRPC pings to a bunch of ping servers such as search engines and blog aggregators. I will add in support for editing the pinger list to the next update.

Thanks for the suggestions. If you have any more suggestions/questions I would be more than happy to read/answer them.
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