Why am I unable to login?

There are a couple of reasons why you could be struggling to login, the most common of which are explained below:
1) User / Pass do not match / could not be found :: If you are certain you have entered the details correctly please try entering them manually instead of copy and pasting. Copy / Pasting can result in some unseen charcters being entered into the form.
2) "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" :: This is an issue with your internet connection. If you use a system wide proxy to access the internet you need to make sure it is working correctly, Internet Explorer is good for checking this (Firefox is not so good). Also make sure that any firewall you have is either turned off or has an exception for No Hands SEO.
3) "Program has been installed on too many machines." :: This occurs when you have used NHSEO on more machines than your licence allows. If you wish to remove past machines so it will now work on a new computer just use the contact form on the website here to let us know.


No Hands FAQ

Account and Logging in Support. If you are having trouble with logging into the No Hands SEO members area or application you will find your solution here. Answers to the most common account support questions.