Do you have a money back guarantee?

I guarantee that I will do everything I possibly can to keep No Hands SEO working as expected. If you are unhappy within 7 days I would be more than happy to refund the money as an unhappy customer is just bad for business.

Unlike the majority of SEO products, the sales page is 100% factual and not at all embellished. All of the claims made on the salespage are verifiable and many users are seeing benefits everyday just by loading up No Hands SEO and pressing the start button. With simplicity like that I cannot imagine anyone wanting to give up this tool for such a small amount of money.

To help speed up the refund process we would ask that you simply send an email requesting a refund to the support email address, or via the contact form on the website. If a refund is attempted by initially contacting the payment processor (plimus, paypal, clickbank etc) by filing a dispute the refund could be delayed or denied. A simple email is enough for us to process your refund quickly.


No Hands FAQ

Purchasing Questions. If you have a question about purchasing No Hands SEO there is a good chance it has already been asked and answered. Here you will find answers to the most common questions about purchasing No Hands SEO