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No Hands SEO is the Future of Fully Automated Website Search Engine Optimisation

  • Endless backlinks from over 80+ different website platforms
  • Submit RSS Feeds and Sitemaps at set intervals
  • Ping and Index websites and backlinks
  • Low Single payment, no recurring costs, all updates FREE for life
  • Designed for beginners with lots of options for advanced users
  • More backlink quality controls than any other SEO tool available
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Spending Too Much Time Backlinking?

With No Hands SEO you can offload all of that boring and hard work of building backlinks and promoting your website and spend more time on what is important to your business, adding value to your customers. Without the need to spend hours every day building backlinks or posting your website to the latest authority site you can spend more time adding value for your visitors and customers.
SEO is time consuming and repetitive, luckily No Hands SEO will automate these tasks for you and ensure that your website is visible to as many visitors as possible.

This is done through a number of methods including getting your website indexed initially and then driving backlinks and traffic to your website so you can spend more time on your business or just take some time away from your computer.

So What Exactly Will No Hands SEO Do For Me?


No Hands SEO will take all of the hard work out of promoting a website out of your hands and do all of the heavy lifting for you. Once setup all you need to do is hit the start button and No Hands SEO will set off and find inner pages of your website to promote, get your websites indexed and help them to rank higher in the search engines and generate more traffic.

Varied Backlinking

Rankings are improved by generating backlinks from a huge variety of over 80+ different platforms and then automatically ping and index these backlinks.

Traffic Generation

No Hands SEO will also automatically submit your RSS Feeds and Sitemaps to get your site listed in the major directories and search engines.

NoHandsSEO BoxArt new

  • Automates SEO for entire websites
  • Helps indexing of your website
  • Generates backlinks from over 80 different platforms
  • Endlessly runs for as long as you want it to
  • Automatically ping Sitemap files at regular intervals
  • Crawls your websites to promote inner pages
  • Limit links by PageRank, Alexa Rank, Outbound Links +more
  • Very little setup required yet highly customisable
  • Post to Article sites, Blog Comments, Image Galleries, Forums, Trackbacks, Guestbooks, Link Shortener and Redirect websites and much more
  • Allows for easy tiered backlinking
  • Support proxies and multiple threads (very fast)
  • Free Lifetime updates (200+ updates already)
  • Free Support via email, forum and even TeamViewer
  • 100% Full Refund Guarantee

I bought No Hands SEO a couple weeks back and I built probably thousands of backlinks already and all I can say is that NHSEO is probably the best SEO tool that I bought so far and the service of Jimbo is awesome.

Whenever we had ideas for updates to improve the software he took the time and implemented these feature requests more or less right away. Awesome product and awesome service. If you are on the edge of buying, just do it, you won’t regret it.

Morpheus26 WarriorForum member

Excellent software, the ease of use with this program is simply simple! Set it and forget it style that actually works! You can set this baby up and walk away from it, and when you come back it won’t be full of errors. From the moment you turned away it will have been working the whole time and still be working when you get back!

Thank you for your continued great work! I Appreciate it!

Mystic Merchant BHW Forum member

Is It Complicated To Use?

No not at all.

Every controls has pop-up text that explains what it is and how it can be used. There is a free support forum full of guides and tutorials which allows users to get advice from each other and No Hands SEO support.

If that isn’t enough there are easy to follow video guides linked from within the software’s Help menu that will show you how to accomplish specific tasks as well as integrate other software and services easily.

Failing that there is unlimited email support for all users.

All this Just $77$97

7 Day Full Refund Guarantee

We are so sure that No Hands SEO is capable of promoting every aspect of your websites that we are offering a full refund guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully happy with your purchase we will give a full refund

What Users Have Been Saying

I already shared my experience with NHSEO, but once more for those who doubt it…

NHSEO is able to rank websites on its own, without any other efforts. When I first bought it I saw it as a hit and run SEO tool, on that is able to rank websites, but not for the long term. Surprisingly enough, I kept NHSEO running and my rankings kept improving up to spot number one for a medium competitive keyword in my country.

After a period of 9 months, I’m still running the same campaign on NHSEO, and the site is still on number one, while my competitors are trying a lot to take it away from me. To be honest, I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

BrandingBaw, Jr VIP BHW Forum

Having use NHSEO and seeing the results first hand, I had to come in and share what I have noticed.

I have been using it to rank geo-targeted Facebook Pages and Youtube videos, and have been getting them ranked on the 1st page of Google in about 10-14 days for terms with moderate competition.

I am pretty confident that there are a lot of different tools that could have done this. However, this one is extremely easy to set up and use. Then it just runs in the background.

Brian Lett, BHW Forum

This tool works (still)! This tool is for the people who tend to hire people for bulk link building. You kind of get a companion to do your stuffs for a one time fee of $97.

I really like the fact that unlike other SEO softwares, it actually crawls your website and checks for the pages that you have. It is damn easy and targeted to the newbies. This tool is really clever, this is hands free!

g0g0l, Jr VIP BHW Forum

Right now I’ve got NHSeo running on both a spare laptop doing nothing but churning away on backlinking 15 profiles (websites) for me, and also on a dell blade (dedicated) to doing the same thing for NUMEROUS profiles.

Backlinks. Galore. Love it.

Oh, and I was telling Jim that within a couple of hours of using the program, one of my sites created a backlink on a blog that had 3 outbound links and a PageRank of 5.

Yep. 5!

Keep up the good work Jim.

Kael14, War Room Member WarriorForum

Nohandsseo is one of the rare tools that has stood the test of time. Till today Jim updates and adds new features on request. Nohandsseo is a tool can be used quality links or just build links for tier 1 or 2.

The amount of options make it a steal for a one time fee. Simply by setting the right search keywords, selection of higher PR and setting of OBL with some custom comments can get you some quality link back to your money site. I also use Captcha Sniper along with it. When it comes to custom comments I use an external scraper. Nothing much more to say, a tool worth the money and great support.

KingCrab, BHW Forum

There are literally far too many great reviews of No Hands SEO to list them all on this webpage so in addition to the testimonials posted above I have collected a few review threads from trusted members of a huge SEO forum that should show just how powerful a tool No Hands SEO can be:

#1 in Google with  No Hands SEO Alone

Verified Success: No Hands SEO – MY Case Study

My No Hands SEO Review – results of the last few weeks

Selected review threads, Various

Jimbo, just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that I’m really pleased with some of the links I’m getting with NHSEO. I did a link check today on one of my websites and I was really surprised at the PR of some of my links. Out of 200 confirmed links for one of my sites, I had at least 50 confirmed links that were PR 5 or better! I had a couple of PR 9 trackbacks, but several PR 7 blog comments! I expected to find a few PR 1 or 2 links, but was really pleasantly surprised when I saw the PR 7, 8 and 9 backlinks. Thanks for a great product!!!!

Mccullek, No Hands SEO Support Forum

NHSEO does exactly what it says. It’s the easiest SEO tool out there even a child can use it! There’s no backlink tool out there like it. Put your website address, put the keywords you want to rank for, press play, done!

Not only that but Jimbo provides world class support. I don’t think I have ever seen him not post of his threads for a single day if a question has been asked. He answers every question that is posted on his sales threads. He truly cares about his product and he is constantly updating NHSEO and making it better.

opiniones, WarriorForum user

All this Just $77$97

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconCan I promote Youtube Videos?

    No Hands SEO can be used on absolutely any website or webpage regardless of platform.

    No Hands SEO is actually perfect for ranking pages on sites such as Youtube, Blogspot, WordPress etc.

  • q-iconCan I promote sites not in English?

    Many users have used No Hands SEO to promote websites in all different languages in different regions of the world to great success. Built in there is support for all languages and alphabets and it is very easy to set No Hands SEO to only target a specific region for backlinks.

  • q-iconHow many websites can I promote with No Hands SEO?

    There is no limit to how many websites you can promote, if you have another site or page that you want to promote simply add another profile for it and let NHSEO do the promotion for you.

  • q-iconWhat if I do not understand how to use it?

    Don’t worry as there are plenty of resources and support to aid you in how to use this great software to its fullest. We have a comprehensive user manual that is linked from within the software, every control has pop-up text that explains exactly how to use the control and on top of this we have a great Support Forum, many Video Guides and will also assist by email.

  • q-iconIs this a one time payment?

    Yes, the price you see is exactly the price you pay for lifetime updates and support.

    You will never be charged for future updates of No Hands SEO.

  • q-iconWhat forms of payment are accepted?

    All major payment methods are accepted including but not limited to Paypal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer and more

  • q-iconHow many machines can I run it on?

    All No Hands software (No Hands Proxies, No Hands Indexer) are able to be installed and run on 2 machines simultaneously.

  • q-iconWhen will I receive my account details after purchasing?

    Account emails are delivered immediately after the purchase is completed.

All this Just $77$97